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GhangorCloud Information Security Enforcer (ISE)
Industry’s Most Advanced Information Security & Compliance Solution

GhangorCloud Information Security Enforcer (ISE)

GhangorCloud Information Security Enforcer

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GhangorCloud’s Information Security Enforcer (ISE) is a Fourth Generation Data Leak Prevention (DLP) solution that enables robust security and compliance enforcement against both ‘Malicious’ and ‘Inadvertent’disclosure and/ortheft ofsensitive and confidential information.

GhangorCloud Solution Key FeaturesAuto-Classification of Data & Content

Automatically classifies data in real-time without any manual intervention or manual tagging of data or files.

GhangorCloud’s unique patented technology protects confidential information, including structured, semi- structured and unstructured data. Automated Identification and Classification of confidential and sensitive data/information is performed - even for newly created "Virgin" data/information.

Automated Policy Synthesis and Enforcement

ISE incorporates GhangorCloud’s unique patented Automated Policy Synthesis technology which automatically synthesizes relevant policies, reducing the complexity and cost of laborious and error-prone policy definition processes. ISE evaluates the security-based significance of the data/information and invokes the corresponding security policy; preventing data leak and/or extrusion in real-time.

Identity & Role-based Data Leak Prevention Paradigm

ISE delivers a unique Identity and Role-based DLP Paradigm. End-user and employee actions are automatically evaluated and only permitted based upon their authorized roles within the enterprise, enforcing risk- based compliance to corporate policies and procedures.

Cloud Access Security Broker

ISE performs secure access control for data moving from the enterprise to the cloud. Blocks transfer of sensitive data to web-based applications based on security status of content and actor. Provides detailed reports on exfiltration attempts based on actor, content and intended web destinations.

Advanced Workflow for Monitoring and Policy Enforcement

With intuitive workflow built-in for Security Administrators, Business managers and Employees/End-Users, ISE alerts the relevant parties of suspected violations, allows users to cancel their inadvertent actions, and blocks malicious users from leaking information. All incidents are motored in real-time and logged for compliance reporting.

Adaptive Architecture for Enterprise On-Prem, Hybrid Cloud and Public Cloud Deployment

ISE is designed to be flexible and adapt to any deployment topology e.g. on-prem, hybrid cloud or public cloud based architecture. It is deployed on the corporate network between employees and data/information repositories and analyzes real-time data transmissions over any communication channel e.g. Email, Webmail, Web Applications, FTP, Instant Messaging, etc.

Best in Class Data Security

Information Security Enforcer (ISE™) redefines industry’s standard of Information Security & Compliance. Widely recognized in the industry as the Most Advanced Data Leak Exfiltration Prevention Platform for within the Enterprise and the Web information security.

Best in Class Data Security

Comprehensive Data Protection With DLEP And CASB Features

Transparently fitting into the Enterprise & Cloud infrastructure, Information Security Enforcer (ISE™) seamlessly integrates DLEP and CASB features thus providing the most comprehensive protection against data/information exfiltration and extrusion.

Comprehensive Data Protection With DLEP And CASB Features

Malicious and Inadvertent DLEP

Malicious and Inadvertent DLEP

Information Security Enforcer (ISE™) is “Industry’s First and Only” solution that seamlessly addresses both Malicious and Inadvertent data/information exfiltration or theft via any Channel, Protocol or Web Service.


Total Automation of Complex Tasks

Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform for “Total Automation” of Complex and Error Prone Tasks

Centralized Command, Control & Intelligence:

Real-time Centralized Command Control Collaboration & Intelligence System for the Enterprise & Cloud SOCs

Identity & Role based Data Security:

Industry’s First and Only Identity & Role driven Access Control for each type and class of Information & Data Elements

Information GRC Enforcement in Real-time:

Information Governance & Regulatory Compliance with Segmentation of Duty (SoD) based Controlled Access and Use of Applications, Protocols, Contents and Information

CASB Enforcement in Real-time:

Fully Integrated Automatic Access Control to Web Applications, Services, Content and Information

Real-time Automatic Data Classification and Correlation:

Industry’s Most Advanced Auto-Identification and Auto-Classification Engine

Automated Policy Engine:

Industry’s Most High Granularity Automated Policy Synthesis and Enforcement in Real-time

CyberSOC For The Enterprise & Cloud:

Centralized Command Control & Intelligence System for the Enterprise & Cloud SOCs

GhangorCloud C4i Platform

GhangorCloud C4i Platform

  • Industry leading Cyber-surveillance & Command Control Enforcement System built from the ground up based on Military Style centralized command and control features
  • Delivers 4th Generation Automated DLEP and CASB capabilities
Key C4i Platform Features

Key C4i Platform Features

  • Real-time Command & Control
  • Centralized Policies Definition, Enforcement and Management
  • Centralized Control on Protocols and Data Channels
  • Centralized Access Control Enforcement
  • Real-time Dashboard with Consolidated View of the entire Enterprise and Cloud infrastructure
  • Multi-Tenancy built-in for the largest geographically distributed enterprises and Hybrid Clouds
360° Visibility

360° Visibility

  • Consolidated View of all Access Points, Data Egress Protocols and Channels
  • Panoramic View with “Actionable” Alerts/Alarms in Real-time
  • Instantaneous display of violation Incidents
  • Instantaneous Actionable Information
  • Detailed Forensic Analysis of violation Incidents
  • Drill-down of all Events and Incidents


C4i System - Real-Time Centralized Command-Control-Collaboration & Intelligence Dashboard
Centralized Command & Control System Browser based Centralized Command & Control System, using any browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla and others
Real-time Incident Monitoring Dashboard Instantaneous Reporting of any violation in Centralized & Consolidated Dashboard. Drill down into DLP incidents
Forensic Analysis Detailed Forensic Analysis Tools, Analysis of preventative measures taken
Incident Reporting & Logging Extensive set of Predefined Reports, Detailed Reports generated based on a variety of Filters and Criteria
Reporting Formats Open Formats for export into other reporting systems e.g. Crystal Report, Actuate, Tivoli, SQL based Reporting Tools – Export to PDF, CSV formats
User-Friendly Security Administration Central Management System interface for the creation, monitoring and management of system configurations, multiple security administrator’s accounts, end-user privilege settings
Real-Time Governance & Regulatory Compliance Enforcement
GRC based DLP Paradigm Built-in Segmentation of Duty (SoD) Definition and Enforcement
Identity and Role-based Access Control Unique 3-D Correlation Technology Correlates three dimensions: “Actors~Operations~Information,” in real-time. Performs sophisticated correlation to automatically create an abstraction of enterprise “Organization Structure” and enforce Access Control based on SoD Principles.
Pre-defined Templates for Compliance PII, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, NERC, FISMA, European Union Directive on Data Protection, PDPA, and most United States Data Privacy Laws including SB-1386
User defined Compliance Criteria Templates can be customized and filters can be defined easily to adapt to new compliance and security needs
Compliance Monitoring Compliance violations sent as real-time alerts to employees, business managers and security administrators for corrective measures - Incidents are logged in realtime and archived to demonstrate compliance
Auto-Classification of Data & Content
Automated Semantic Analysis based Data Classification Unique Intelligent Semantic Analysis based Classification system to perform Categorization & Classification without human intervention – No pre-tagging required.
Unstructured Data Unique Security-based Semantic Analysis of Unstructured data with minimal or no human intervention required. Identify and protect Unstructured Data, such as text, memos, spreadsheets, emails, power-points, documents, images, Intellectual Property, etc. in real-time
Structured Data (Regular Expressions) High performance Regular Expressions (Reg-Exes) matching algorithms for data such as Credit Cards, Social Security Numbers, Account No., Bar Codes, etc. – Expressions can be combined with wildcards and defined constructs
Pattern Matching & Analysis Full support of Logical and Pattern-based occurrence analysis methodologies – Goes beyond traditional Statistical or Bayesian methods
Semi-Structured Data Full keyword & phrase matching capabilities identify known data types
Easily Extensible Customize and extend as new patterns and threats arise without re-deployment
Content Types Monitored and Controlled Monitors data from databases, file systems, and desktops
Data Types/Format Monitored Over 48+ content format decoders including Txt, MS-Word, PDF, PPT, XLS, XML, Images, Design Documents, etc.
Automatic Policy Generation
Automated Security Policy Generation No Manual Interference or pre-tagging of security policies required – All Policies generated automatically
Automated Security Policy Enforcement & Real-time Reactivity Automatically evaluates the significance of information and applies the appropriate policies in real-time without human intervention
Highly Granular Policy Settings Highest level of Policy Granularity – Complex Permutation of Actor-based, Groupbased, Protocol-based, Application-based, Source & Destination-based, Contentbased, etc.
Policy Accuracy Automatically Identifies and Prevents any Internal Policy Conflicts – No Anomalous Behavior
Policy Syntax Unique Policy Syntax – Human Readable and Easy to Understand
Real-time Policy Update Policy updates can be dispatched and enforced instantaneously in Real-time without interruption
Proxies & Key Cloud Applications
Built-in Proxies Full Reverse & Forward Proxies – HTTP/HTTPS, SSL, ICAP, SQUID, SMTP, IM, XMPP
Cloud Applications MS-Exchange, Office-365, BOX, DROPBOX, GoogleDrive, Sharepoint, OneDrive, etc.
Enterprise Repositories Active Directory, LDAP – Full Duplex Mode Synchronization
Protocols & Applications
Comprehensive Set of Network Protocols TCP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SMTP, POP3, *Mail 6073 MS-Web Exchange +773, +7736, RPC-over-HTTP, Instant Messaging IM, XMPP, ICAP, MS-Exchange 2007/2010/2013
Applications Types Monitored and Controlled Databases, Email, Web-Mail, MS-Exchange, Office-365, BOX, DROPBOX, GoogleDrive, etc
CASB - Cloud Access Security Broker
Cloud Access Control Centralized Access Control of Web Applications and Web Services. Detailed reporting on exfiltration attempts to Web Applications and Web Services
Content Aware Security Broker High Granularity Control of Data & Content Transactions to Web Services and Web Applications based upon sophisticated DLP Criteria
CASB Reports and Analytics Comprehensive set of CASB Reports and Drilldown Analytics
Deployment Modes
Enterprise Deployment On Premise Enterprise Network Deployment
Hybrid Cloud Hybrid Cloud based Deployment
Public Cloud Large Scale Public Cloud based Deployment

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GhangorCloud Information Security Enforcer
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